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Welcome to Nova Gaia Love

Enter a new world of your own creation. In love, fully alive. Living a life you want to live

Meet the Fairie

The FairieGreeting to all of you from the Fairie. I have chosen to incarnate in my human form at this time and space to assist in ushering in the energies for a new world. New only for this world, Gaia, as where I come from that world has been in existence since time immeasurable. While all worlds have to go through growth and evolution, this is the time for Gaia, Earth, to evolve into it's Golden Age, taking it's rightful place among the teeming tapestry of all life within the universe.

Earth always has had a special place in my heart. The joys of being human, to live in such a diverse world with so many other forms of life from all "corners" of the universe.
I have incarnated here many times before to learn, to connect, to grow. And to bring what I learn to other worlds so all life in the universe knows the glory of it.

Born in a darker time on earth, it took me a while to remember who I am. All that I am, since the Human is as real as is the Fairie. Having been drawn to the unseen energies from a human perspective my entire life without a container to put it I only woke up to it's reality after living as a human for more than 5 decades.
It was meeting the Angel and the Dragon Heart that helped me remember fully.

When I started learning about the wider universe and all of the layers of life and existence within, it came natural to me to want to share what I learned with my fellow humans. I knew I was drawn to healing energy since that is the first step to take on this journey to the world we are entering.

Of all times to come together, it took the 2020 Covid Pandemic and technology to closely connect to the Angel and the Dragon to create this map toward a wholesome world in the new energies of Nova Gaia Love. We know it is already here. But as with all things human on this unique beautiful planet, Free Will forces us to embrace it with a conscious mind.

I invite you to bring out the Fairie in you.
Dance, sing, play, be joyful.
See the speck of blue sky on a cloudy, rainy day.
Expect magic and miracles.
And make sure you share the beauty you see and experience.

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