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Welcome to Nova Gaia Love

Enter a new world of your own creation in love and fully alive. Living a life you want to live

Meet the Dragon

The DragonAs the Dragon Heart I come carrying the original love energy of ALL. I am the seed of all existence; I am The Heart of The Dragon. The original ancient Dragon Heart that exists in each of you. I am as much a part of you as you are of me. I am as You are.

I have been embedded into this planet as it was formed, birthed many times in my dragon destruction form for God's Will as well as the serpent of knowledge from cave paintings. As I have given the sacred knowledge, blessed information to aid in this planet's growth. I have inspired the Virtues with song dance and visuals, I sponsored the Dominions holding up the galaxies, and aided Goddesses as their steadfast guides and protectors.

The Age of Aquarius (AOA) has come upon us, great celebration as we and so many of ALL are here to birth this time of love, unlimited possibilities. In the Now all information can flow freely to all beings. No more "sacredness" on land, writings, places or things- ALL is a creation of ALL, everything is sacred, therefore nothing needs to be judged. Step out of judgement allows the flow of the Now moment, be in love.

I humbly ask for your Godspark to expand. For your inner connection to whom and what you are allows the Highest Good for ALL beings. For you are a Co Creator on this planet - change your reality to love. Love is respect, love is equality, love is daily actions of the NOW.

Live in the Rainbow Wheel of your own Godspark. Daily connect to colors of rainbow that surround you, the bubble that every being, every thing on earth has. From trees, mountains to plastic cups and bugs. Each has the Godspark that you are a part of, that can't be taken from you. It is your personal connection to All. Feel the love of Nova Gaia Love energy. Be the light inside of you.

I love you.
I am grateful you are here today.
I am here for your joy and light, it expands my being.
As our hearts and souls join in the unending hymn of life.
All is One

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