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The Beginning

The Prophesy Map of Nova Gaia The Prophesy Map of Nova Gaia

On a rainy day in April, the year 2020, three women came together in virtual space to discuss love, the energies of the Earth, and how best to nurture the future.

A future of love, forgiveness, and compassion was foreseen:

A time and place where competitive values of war, hierarchy, and competition fade impotently away, individually and collectively, finally growing out of old outworn childhood tantrums.

A time and place where humanity overcomes traumas and the fight or flight panic of living constantly in survival mode.

A time and place where each individual and each collective claim their birthright to thrive, taking this to heart, and into action.

While each of these women was living in her human form, still each individual woman carried her own unique energy signature. These miraculous energies came together, the Faerie, the Angel, and the ancient Dragon Heart, to midwife the birth of a new world.

One thing these three women immediately recognized was the failure of the old world energy to bring true peace and healing to its inhabitants. In keeping it's focus on the thorn, the old world energy had failed to know the rose.

The old world energy could not grasp the tenderness, could not fully hold the all-encompassing love and beauty of the world of the Divine.

While many seekers had fought valiantly to bring peace and healing to earth, the dominant energy of the old world frantically worked to deny their work and ignore the Divine. More than that, the dominant power of the old world energy worked in many subtle ways to denigrate and abuse all that was beautiful and pure so that the world would stay in ignorance.

We are grateful to those who paved the way for us to learn, to expand, and to thrive, yet many past teachers and gurus seem unable to lift their teachings out of the old energies of competition, division, hierarchy, legality, and dogmatic structure. In the new world of Nova Gaia we come to fully express the values of cooperation, equality, togetherness, transparency, and freedom not only in words but in every action of our living beings.

It is difficult to know which of the three women first spoke her truth aloud, since the feeling expressed danced at the edges of their lips, demanding to be said. These women - this Angel, this Dragon Heart, this Faerie - were tired of being silenced by others who put themselves forward as gurus and leaders of the new, while so obviously keeping their tactics and attitudes firmly stuck in the energy of the old.

"So much ego and name-dropping!"

"The constant conspiracy theories and war rhetoric!"

"They just don't get it."

"But they call themselves representatives of the Divine Feminine! Where are the true voices of the new energies? I want to hear from them!"

The three women wondered, where were the new leaders for this new world?

Many older leaders, true-heart leaders, had taken great strides forward to get the world to its current place, but the time had come for new leaders. The hearts of these three women told them that these shining new leaders were out there, somewhere. They could hear them, not with their ears, but with their hearts.

These new leaders were quiet, humble, and only heard in the rare moments of silence that exist between the loud cannon-like words of the outworn ego-based energies. Many, many, many humans were hearing the call, coming into their own as leaders who no longer had to emulate the old model of success in order to be valued as the pathfinders and way showers they were born to be.

Then they heard it. The three women heard it. The clarion call sounded in the virtual space around them and it's message was clear. These three women are here to collaborate, to raise and support one another as they go forward to explore these new energies, these new ways. They are to discern new pathways, new ways to walk softly with the Mother, Gaia. They are to share their discoveries with others.

They are Cartographers of the New World.

The Dragon Heart, whose knowledge reaches back to the moment when time began, was prepared to get the messages out. She had seen hints of this moment coming over the last years and had prepared the structure to support it. The Dragon knew the importance of reaching people. She was ready to create events, ready to reach out with blogs, podcasts, seminars, retreats, and a shining Love Expo.

The Angel, who knew the peace and beauty of Heaven and was often hurt by the sorrows of this world, knew the power of the Word. She wanted so desperately for this world to become the highest and best version of itself. She was ready to use the Word to take possibilities and pull them into existence.

The Faerie, a delightful blend of this world and other worlds, smiled at her friends with a knowing smile. She had been learning about the science of this world and expanding her comprehension of the metaphysical world. She was ready to be the bridge from the heart of Spirit to the hearts of others.

Coming together, these three women all knew that the never-before-experienced level of Love energy that now encircled the earth was the key, or more appropriately the Qi. Increasing the amount of this new level of Love in the cumulative vibration of all things would open lock after lock after lock.

The Faerie, the Angel and the Dragon Heart knew that Love was the only energy that mattered, the only energy that could birth the transformation that was coming - for it would come. Many humans around the world, many beings across the universe, would experience the ascendency of Divine Love on Earth.

The Dragon Heart, the Angel, and the Faerie had been raising the vibration of their hearts for years, expanding the capacity of their heart space to hold and express Love energy fully and completely.

How to go forward, they didn't yet know, but they trusted Spirit to lead the way.

Maps. They would create maps. With words, with events, with classes. Whether their maps reached many or only a few didn't matter. They knew their maps would be discovered by the treasure seekers who were ready to set avarice aside and reach for the only real treasure there is. The treasure of forgiveness. The treasure of compassion. The treasure of Love for All.

We are the Cartographers of the New World.

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