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In the Podcast about Universal and Personal Truth from February 21, 2021, the Angel reads from the book
There Was No Possibility of Taking a Walk That Day: A Collection of Poems from the 2020 COVID-19 Lockdown
by the Members of A Walk Around the Bronte Table

The Angel channels Anne Brontë

There was no Possibility to take a Walk that Day

Anne: (Sigh) If you cannot hear me with your ears, perhaps you can hear me with your hearts.

I strongly feel that God is giving us all the opportunity to delve deeply into our souls; to sit quietly with ourselves and reflect on our lives, our mortality, our relationship with the outside world.

God is opening His heart to bring us into balance with the world we live in, allowing us, as a people, to adjust our policies and ways from a focus on punishment and hierarchy to one of compassion, acceptance, and love.

I believe this time is designed to help us move away from the foolishness and sheer meanness of greed so we can create systems of trade and livelihood that ensure all can be comfortably fed, housed, and clothed without stigma and without fear of being thrust on the world, penniless.

I know in my heart we can emerge from this a better people; if only we allow ourselves to face the void, accept our faults, extend forgiveness, and go forward resolved to do better. Resolved to be better. One by one, we – as individuals and as a collective – will state with complete assurance, "There is no cruelty in God, and none in me."

Sadly, ensconced here with the Robinsons, I am well aware that not all will answer this call. I am well aware that this incredible worldwide experience will be soullessly squandered by many; but my one true hope is that those who do hear this Clarion Call will be strong enough, resolved enough, brave enough, to make this world a better place in a heartfelt and practical way that eases the suffering of many.

I have absolute and complete trust in God and know that His hand is guiding this event to its perfect conclusion. And if my death is a part of that plan, I go forward openly and willingly to take up whatever mantle of service He – or She – has prepared for me in the next world.

Can anyone hear me?

The book is available on Amazon
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